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“Access and utilization of healthcare are significant determinants in ensuring positive health outcomes for (low socio-economical individuals). The effects of medical and psychiatric diseases tend to be more serious for (the poor, disadvantaged, and/or differently abled persons), who often lack access to primary care. (These) individuals argue that their health becomes less of a priority than “” the essentials”” food, water, and clothes. Access and utilization of healthcare is a vital factor in increasing positive health outcomes for (this population). However, due to the direct and indirect outcomes of a lower Socio-Economic Status…individuals are at a disadvantage, creating an apparent health disparity among (them)” https://escholarship.org/uc/item/4bp3d5f2

Understanding the prevalent, persistent, and decaying problem, Above Care Coalition is an alliance of professionals and service entities aiming for social equity and daring to go above and beyond in servicing the targeted population-i.e. a purposeful endeavor to enhance  quality of life as experienced by those not living in these low socio-economic conditions. Our commitment to levels of care includes but are not limited to:

  • Housing/Shelter

  • Food/Cloths/Basic Amenities

  • Medical Preventive, Maintenance, and Self-Help Care

  • Mental Health Care

  • Social Skills/Life Skills

  • Job Readiness/Vocational Training